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I love this on Instagram! #sfgiants Brandon Belt’s bat and glove. Photo by @punkpoint by sfgiants

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❝It was a blob. But it had the Belt lips and the Belt Nose.

Brandon Belt on the ultrasound of the Baby Baby Giraffe


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sometimes it really sucks when your favorite player is on the disabled list 😭😭😭

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Brandon Belt (*My Edit)  

Photo: Ralph Freso/Getty Images



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pontmercy replied to your post: this post is dedicated to timmy being …

do u have belt dugout pics

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❝There will soon be a baby Baby Giraffe. Haylee is six months’ pregnant, so there is no hiding her belly any more. The baby is due September 4. We already know it’s a boy.
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❝Even on the road, I’m opposed to trying new restaurants. If the food isn’t very good, my whole night is ruined because I could have gone to Olive Garden.
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